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aerial & terrestrial video & photography

Who are we?

Blue Sky Media is a digital media creation

company based in Scarborough on the North East coast of England.

With a background in digital photography, video production and radio broadcasting, we are able to provide everything from simple aerial photographs to a complete video presentation with graphics and voice-over if required.

Scarborough looking South towards Filey

What do we do?

We help companies to promote their business by creating promotional videos for them.

We also make instructional and informational videos, showing people how to do something, or explaining to them what something means.

And because we are qualified to fly an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (or "drone" as they are better known), we can not only film and photograph things from the air for promotional purposes,  we can do it for many other reasons too........

We can inspect inaccessible roofs and high walls without the need to erect scaffolding, we can survey difficult areas (such as marshlands, lakes, forest fire, etc) without having to set foot in them. We can provide an overhead view of perhaps a building site, a crash scene, or a sporting event. If you like, we can even take a picture of your house or business from up to 400ft in the air!

With a background in radio broadcasting, we can also create radio advertisements for you, including coming up with the idea, scripting it and recording it.


If you're in a band and you need a creative video producing, but you're on a tight budget, we can help you there too! 

And if you would like your wedding photography taking care of, we will work with our friends at Thomas Curtis Photography to create a stunning Wedding album, including aerial shots of the church and reception venue!

Finally, if you've got an idea that you think we might be able to help you with, something involving videos or drones perhaps, but you're not sure whether it's the sort of thing we do, get in touch with us anyway! We're very friendly, and if we can't help you, we'll probably know someone who can!

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