A lot of our videos are for private clients, and cannot be posted publicly.

Music Video - "Only You"

Jazz Funeral Parade

 January 2020

Not a paid job this one, but I was happy to record this wonderful New Orleans-style Jazz funeral parade for a local musician.

Scarborough Science and Engineering Week.

 October 2019

The 15th annual Scarborough Science and Engineering Week took place at the Scarborough Spa.

Construction Skills Village.

 September 2019

This is a training centre for people entering the construction industry. They teach bricklaying, plumbing, joinery, groundwork, etc on a real, live construction site.

January 2019

Drone Showreel!


If you fly a drone for a living, like wot I do, you have to renew your licence with the Civil Aviation Authority every year, and for me, renewal time is January.
So I was just having a browse through some of the videos that I've shot with the drone in the past year or two, and I thought I should make a short showreel of some of the best ones!

So this is some of what we do. If you like it, we can do it for you too! And not just videos, but photos too!

Bit of a novelty, this one!
November 2018

A "90's Gangsta Rap" style video trailer for Coast and County Radio. Lots of fun to make! 😄 

Coast and County Radio Promo Video

July 2018

Coast and County radio in Scarborough, is a DAB Radio Station serving the whole of North Yorkshire.

This is the promo I did for them - designed to not need the sound on to be understood. It needs to catch the eye when it autoplays on Facebook.

It does have a soundtrack - "If we're not Careful" by Lithium Joe.

Click here for the Coast & County Radio website

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